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Aya Cash: "The More I Tweet The Less I Know"

Summer 2016. Although social media has connected humanity like never before, people are still feeling lonely; reports say the average American spends more than half their waking life staring at a screen. Just take a look around next time you leave your home—count how many people you see staring down at their devices, roaming the sidewalks like cattle looking for grass in NYC. Sounds scary, right? Well, despite the dystopian depiction, it is, in fact, possible to peruse the social media world in a healthy fashion. To help us find the answer, we turned to Aya Cash, co-star of FXX’s dark romantic comedy 'You’re the Worst,' for "The Social Media Issue" of Resource Magazine. This cover story was written and produced by me, and I worked collaboratively on the visual concept and art direction.

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