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Jerome Jarre's Mission to Save the World

Fall 2016. Social media star Jerome Jarre believes that if your online life is better than your real life, then you need to get off the internet. It was a lesson he learned as a teenager who struggled socially, despite his status as one of the top users on the viral, early-2000s French blogging site, Skyblog. Yet you would never suspect this if you follow him today. He’s courageous, outgoing, and inspiring, but most of all, he’s on a mission to change the world—and not just the digital one. For "The Humanity Issue" of Resource Magazine, I spent a couple days with Jerome in NYC to discuss his plans to leverage his online audience to bring positive change to the world through humanitarian efforts. In addition to writing and editing, I produced the photo shoot and worked collaboratively on the visual concept and art direction.

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